The key to consolidating learning is the establishment of knowledge networks and the construction of spaces for the exchange of information and communication. Cyberspace offers us that possibility. From the CIGIR we have created a virtual platform for training and exchange of experiences between organizations and individuals committed to the preparation and performance of emergencies and disasters, as well as the prospective and corrective management of risk scenarios. VRED then becomes the virtual classroom so that, through the actors committed to risk management, we know and learn the best way to achieve a safer world.

What is V-RED?

V-RED (Risks, Emergencies, Disasters) is a virtual platform made up of a network of experts, professionals and public and private institutions dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of Integral Risk Management, Sustainability, Climate Change, among other areas.

We aim to create a staff of expert professionals to impart their knowledge through teaching and dissemination platforms, whose objective is framed in forming discussion rooms of different topics anywhere in the world, where sustainable development processes should be discussed.

What we offer?

Through V-RED, we offer a platform with a software group suitable for conducting video conferences, seminars, workshops, classes, consultancies, courses, as well as other online events, allowing interaction between people and entities from and to any part of the world.

What is it about?

The word used for online conferences is Webinar (Webinar), and it is about meetings through the Internet, where participants located in the distance can interact, share and review information in real time. The number of people connected to an event can vary according to their needs, from 2 to 500.

What are the options?

In V-RED we have a platform that offers several options: from the coverage of your event in digital form to be transmitted in real time anywhere in the world, to simple or complete packages for the use of the platform and to make your events in the Web, through a secure and fast network connection.

What are the advantages?

Reduction of the costs of your event. Events in real time. Direct and bidirectional communication with interactive elements. International reach to a large number of people. Diversity of exhibitors and shared control. Ability to record events or meetings (Webcast). Tools for notes and drawings. Download files or documents. Possibility of Chat to ask questions / answers in text Statistical monitoring and live surveys. Easy, safe, fast and profitable.

What is needed?

 Your computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone, preferably with microphone and speaker (you can also interact via Chat or Text), Camcorder or Webcam (if you wish), an Internet connection, and the corresponding access to our platform.

If you have internet connection problems, you can offer the possibility of using our physical spaces, centrally located in several cities in Latin America, through a room with a fast connection with a capacity of up to 6 people.

What are the steps to follow to make a webinar?

Sent digital invitations with a URL link and a user ID to access the event. There will be previous reminders (to define periodicity) so that the participant is informed and attentive.

At the scheduled time, each participant enters the platform from their computer and based on the data cited (URL and a user ID).

Once the session has begun, the presenter inaugurates the event, the exhibitors begin their presentations or exhibitions live and through the screen, if desired, documents, videos, applications or processes are shared within other systems, spaces are opened to questions By Voice or Chat, live surveys and other benefits already listed above are conducted.

After the session, thank you emails, additional summaries and the event evaluation system (if desired) are sent. It is also offered at the option of recording the event, for your particular records.

What is our offer?

Platform services for events via the Web (Webinar); seminars, conferences, team meetings at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Platform service for educational structures; workshops, courses, training, classes, consultancies in the local, regional, national and international.

Complementary services; coverage of all types of live events, reception of payments from participants abroad, payments to speakers or expenses abroad through bank transfer. Let’s talk Those interested in V-RED services can access a free sample for a short event.

What is the cost?

The V-RED plans are adapted to their possibilities. Our session has a cost from 10US $

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